Haiku Notes

Curtis Dunlap edited the Haiku Three Questions series at Blogging Along Tobacco Road.  My post, from 2010, is Ellen Olinger – Three Questions.

Gene Myers writes a column for the Haiku Society of America.  He reprinted two of my haiku from Time Of Singing (Spring 2014) in his column, Celebrating Holy Week with Christian haiku.

Holy week
lily flowers
wait to bloom

sometimes by sight
in my life of faith
apple trees in bloom

Charlotte Digregorio reprinted my haiku from Mayfly 58 for the Daily Haiku: April 2, 2016.

seasons repeat
we tell the stories
we are given

Ion Codrescu’s haiga painting for this poem was reprinted in Haiga of Ion Codrescu, a gallery at The Haiku Foundation.

after the stores
ornamental grasses
in snow

Charlotte Digregorio reprinted my haiku from tinywords, 12.1, 2012 for the Daily Haiku: August 20, 2016.

Friday afternoon
butterfly rests
on the wind

Lora Homan Zill published this haiku in Time Of Singing, Fall 2016.

my large print Bible
rests on the Thanksgiving tray
the bread of life

Charlotte Digregorio published this haiku for The Daily Haiku: May 27, 2017.

loved for years
and now I know your name
blue chicory

Thank you,

Ellen Grace Olinger

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