barge on the horizon

barge on the horizon . . .
       disappearing . . .
              the life I left

Time Of Singing (1997)

D. Claire Gallagher, Editor, selected this haiku for the Members’ Anthology 2000, Haiku Society of America.  The book is called Crinkled Sunshine.

I still love to watch the barges on Lake Michigan. Today we have a winter storm, yet we know there will be spring again. I remember writing this poem. I had to make some changes for health and family reasons. A beautiful new life slowly grew, from deeper roots. One day at a time. Over time. I am retired now. My overall goal with my blogs is to offer hope.

Ellen Grace Olinger
August 2013 and February 2019
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Haiku For The Seasons

how small the song
of an unknown bird
quiet memories


praying the Psalms
old rose bush leans
against evergreens


lake and sky
the same color
Autumn Equinox


late November
sun fills a glass
for a time

Time Of Singing, Fall 2013


staying with the light
I read in different corners
of the house


how still
the winter landscape
I whisper the Psalms


daffodils bowed by rain


I wonder
what today’s poem may be
lilacs in the wind


Ellen Grace Olinger

roses in the sun

We are working on a second large print chapbook, in the same style as Quiet Christmas Poetry.  The theme is Wisconsin Seasons and Encouragement.

roses in the sun
some ending
some beginning
and some in full bloom
good to grow older


Poem and photo are by Ellen Grace Olinger.