near evergreens
tiny birch tree leaves


Ellen Grace Olinger
May 15, 2017

Acrostic Poems: Earth Day, Library, Books


E  veryday
A  wareness and
R  espect
H onor for

D  ecades
A  nd always
Y  our earth

Earth Day


L  ove of literature
I  nspires countless
B  eautiful hours of
R  eading many
A  uthors, and sometimes
R  ereading beloved books
Y  early



B  eautiful way to
O pen hearts and
O  pen minds to
K  now new stories and
S  ongs



The vintage trees are courtesy of Reusable Art.


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Ellen Grace Olinger

so grateful

Haiku Art Site

I sit and read the Psalms, sometimes many in the mornings, and sometimes one or two.  This fills my soul and I can approach other tasks with a new heart.  I was brought up to achieve a lot, as the world defines achievement.  Lately I am feeling more than content.

older now
as I pray the Psalms
how peaceful the trees

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tree branches

tree branches
and sky – almost

Ellen Grace Olinger

We had a storm yesterday, and while some leaves in the yard are still turning their fall colors, others have fallen.

edited photo

Ellen Grace Olinger