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The Heron’s Nest Volume 22

I am reading The Heron’s Nest, Volume 22, 2020, which is a print book that I bought from their site. John Stevenson is Managing Editor. The Cover Art and Illustrations are by Martin Taankink.

Please see The Heron’s Nest “where tradition and innovation meet” for more information about their online haiku journal and print Annual Editions.

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Resources and Poem

Some of the past posts and pages here link to content at other sites. For this review post, I simply link directly to the other sites. Thank you.

My Poet Profile Page at the Haiku Registry, The Haiku Foundation. Billie Wilson was editor when we created my page. I was also serving as a volunteer in education at The Haiku Foundation.

The Haiku Foundation Education Resources

The Heron’s Nest

shoveling . . .
scent of mint
through snow

This haiku was selected for the 25th Anniversary Volume, Time Of Singing, in 1998.

Ellen Grace Olinger

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