Creative Notes and Vintage Art

Poets and artists create with haiku in so many ways. A few of many posts I looked at today:

city lights‘ by Stella Pierides, who creates “haikufeltings.”

Haiku Exhibit Coming Soon! by Charlotte Digregorio

And as you know I also enjoy the vintage images and education notes at Reusable Art. The images may inspire new work. There are many categories.

Garden Wall & Daisies by Ida Waugh

Copyright Free Rose Image

Thanks to all,
Ellen Grace Olinger

Per Diem Archive at The Haiku Foundation

We are having a quiet Easter weekend this year.  I remembered that Carmen Sterba edited a Per Diem collection at The Haiku Foundation in March 2013:  “Judeo-Christian Traditions.”

This poem of mine is included:

reading the Psalms path to the water

* * *
The Per Diem Archive features many collections of haiku, many editors, and many poets.  Stella Pierides manages this feature.  She also serves on the Board of Directors.

THF Per Diem for December 2014: Light and Dark

Stella Pierides is the Per Diem Editor for December at The Haiku Foundation.  A daily haiku appears on the home page of THF site.

Poets are also invited to post a poem that fits with the theme of light and dark in the comments for the post by Jim Kacian and Stella Pierides, which introduces this month’s Per Diem.

Carmen Sterba ~ Guest Editor at The Haiku Foundation for March 2013 Per Diem: Daily Haiku

The theme for Per Diem: Daily Haiku at The Haiku Foundation for March is “Judeo-Christian Traditions.”  Carmen Sterba is the Guest Editor this month.  Jim Kacian introduced the theme in his February 28, 2013 post, on the foundation’s troutswirl blog.  His post includes commentary by Carmen Sterba.

Here is the link to Carmen’s site:

Stella Pierides is the Per Diem Project Manager.

The Haiku Foundation: