Discover Challenge: Tough Questions

Ellen Grace Olinger

Tough Questions:  Some questions have answers, some require more study, and some remain mysteries. Lifelong journey.

These prompts and challenges from The Daily Post reflect good teaching and inspiration.  I like the combination of structure and creativity.


1 Corinthians 13 We Know In Part
is a December 2010 post from my site,
Poems From Psalms And Nature.


praying the Psalms
old rose bush leans
against evergreens


seasons repeat
we tell the stories
we are given

Published first in Mayfly, 58, Winter 2015;
edited by Randy and Shirley Brooks.


answers to prayers
I did not know to pray
verses of Psalms

Ellen Grace Olinger



The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is Symbol.  Trees are an important symbol for me.  They picture stability, shelter, and new growth.  I love the hosta too. These photos are from Spring 2015.

I also created a post for this challenge on Poems From Psalms And Nature.  I’m enjoying the WordPress challenges and prompts; and I am reading blogs that are new for me, along with the many excellent blogs I’ve been reading for some time.

Thank you.

Here are a few of my poems about trees.  I’ve been watching the same trees and perennial gardens for over 20 years, and I look forward to taking photos through the seasons with my new garden journal.

reminding me
to love each day
one gold leaf
on the birch tree

golden sun
on gold leaves
unconditional love

flowers and leaves
in light wind
and sun . . .
new beginnings
at any age

weathered fir trees
strong and beautiful
my time of healing

100_2292100_2477Ellen Grace Olinger

new sun shines

new sun shines
on my mother’s book
legacy of language

Grammatical Patterns And Composition
Enola M. Borgh
Copyright, Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English, 1963
First Printing, June, 1963

The WordPress prompt about legacy was called Don’t You Forget About Me.  I wrote the haiku today, as the light grew.

I  also wrote a different post for this prompt on Poems From Psalms And Nature.