turning a page

turning a page
of a new-used book
light rests on green leaves

Ellen Grace Olinger
May 2014
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older poems
by many poets
light falls
on old pine boards

Ellen Grace Olinger
April 2013
1,000 Posts Review

Quiet Christmas Poetry

Quiet Christmas Poetry is both a site and a large print chapbook.

Some examples of poems:

family dinner
memories span decades
in minutes

reading old letters
reflections of Christmas lights
on the water

Northern sun
shines on frozen beach
still the days grow shorter
shadow of poinsettia
on the wall

new year
on the horizon
simple lines
of barns and trees
in the fog

Please visit Quiet Christmas Poetry for more information.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Haiku For The Seasons

how small the song
of an unknown bird
quiet memories


praying the Psalms
old rose bush leans
against evergreens


lake and sky
the same color
Autumn Equinox


late November
sun fills a glass
for a time

Time Of Singing, Fall 2013


staying with the light
I read in different corners
of the house


how still
the winter landscape
I whisper the Psalms


daffodils bowed by rain


I wonder
what today’s poem may be
lilacs in the wind


Ellen Grace Olinger