Montage: The Book – Created and Edited by Allan Burns

This weekend I am rereading MontageThe Book (2010, 2012, The Haiku Foundation), Created and Edited by Allan Burns.

The Artwork is by Ron Moss, and the Foreword is by Peggy Willis Lyles.  The Book Design is by Red Moon Press (Winchester, VA).

This is a beautiful and unique book about haiku, with many poems and poets.

The Haiku Reading Plan for Grades 3 – 4 is an example of a lesson that features poems from Montage.  The poems are typed in the plan for teachers to use easily, and the plan links to the Montage galleries online.

Jim Kacian is the Editor for The Haiku Foundation Education Resources.

Ellen Grace Olinger

re:Virals 10 at THF

Jim Kacian’s post for re: Virals 10 includes the comment I sent to The Haiku Foundation, using their contact box.  There are specific guidelines in Jim’s post.

The verse I quote from Ecclesiastes 3: 11 is the theme for my blogs: every thing beautiful in his time.

Garry Eaton is the winner this week, and he chose a beautiful poem by Peggy Willis Lyles for commentary this time.