The Daily Post One-Word Prompt: Collaboration

Collaboration – My volunteer work in education at The Haiku Foundation is collaboration.  The haiku lessons I write reflect my years of teaching and use their excellent resources.  Jim Kacian is the editor.  The Haiku Foundation is non-profit.

For new readers here, these are two examples of lessons I wrote for The Lessons for All Ages category:

Using Poems from the EarthRise Haiku Collaboration

Using Poems from Book of the Week

The work of many teachers, scholars, and poets is featured on the Education Resources page.

Ellen Grace Olinger100_8240

Daily Prompt: Specific



Reviewing some of my haiku, I see that sometimes I am specific; for example the name of a tree and month.

one gold leaf
on the birch tree
early August

Other poems leave some details for the readers to add, from their experience; for example the flowers could be roses, tulips, etc.

country graves
silk flowers bloom
by the stones

This poem is a favorite, as I love the wildflowers along the roads.

loved for years
and now I know your name
blue chicory

The picture is courtesy of Reusable Art.