Creative Reading and Writing

reading novels
I think of how sentences
can become poems

This is a second haiku about reading from August 2013. I have to pause and remember what I was trying to say. I added the word “can.”

Sometimes an author describes a place so well, while telling a story, that I think of a poem – the land, the colors, the light. And I think about how writing our notes and observations in a journal can be the beginning of a poem later.

Often when I write a new poem for a blog post, I have been reading for a time. The wonder and beauty of language. Then I look outside, and am inspired once again by the same views.

I read memoirs and poetry by Luci Shaw. Her gift with poetry is a natural part of her prose. I see how writing in one area, can help us with work in another form as well.

Ellen Grace Olinger
August 2013 and February 2019
1,000 Posts Review

daily prompt – Solitude

Solitude goes well with my previous post for the Discover Challenge Obstacles.

one red tulip
blooms in the hosta border
time alone with God

I often pray the Psalms, and am renewed.  Now that I have been blogging for a time, I also am blessed by looking back in my archives.  When my poet-self is at rest, perhaps I have some of the objectivity of an editor, and can decide on some poems that may belong in a small chapbook.

Luci Shaw is one of the authors I read in solitude.  Her next book, Sea Glass, New and Selected Poems, will be published in May 2016.  There is more information in the Writings category at her site.

Many ways to be creative . . .

Luci Shaw – a favorite artist

Luci Shaw is a favorite writer.  I have many of her books, both poetry and prose.  She is also a photographer. Today I am remembering Breath for the Bones, Art, Imagination, and Spirit (Thomas Nelson, 2007).

Nature is important to Luci Shaw.  As a young poet, I was captivated by the title of an early book of hers, Listen To The Green. 

This quote is from Breath for the Bones (page 186):

“Both faith and art exist because things contain and mediate meaning: it seems impossible to name anything that is simply random or incidental. As we experience the cause and effect of answers to prayer, a pattern becomes observable.”

Many things are a mystery to me, but now that I am growing older, I see patterns and answers in my life.  I am a slow learner but peace arrives in time.  Another topic:  rest is essential to resilience for me.  If I could live my life so far over, I would get more rest!

Luci Shaw’s book, God In The Dark, is a classic about illness and grief.  Luci Shaw’s first husband, Harold Shaw, died from cancer, many years ago now.  Her work is honest and true.  Her faith is deep, and she continues to write, ask hard questions, and learn.  Her latest book of poems is Harvesting Fog. 

Information about these books and their publishers is available at her website.