near the garage

near the garage
on a cold March day
bird songs

soon the garden
will begin in small ways

These are new haiku, posted recently at Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin. I write practice poems often. This is a longer journal poem:

all the changes
and new blessings

with time

so much I no longer
think about too much

what stays and grows?

unconditional love
the growing light
of this day

my own path with poetry

Image: Reusable Art

The robins will be back soon!

Ellen Grace Olinger

to the store

to the store
on old roads
on a cold day
heron stands
in the river

Images: wpclipart

Ellen Grace Olinger
May 2014 and March 2019
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birds in the painting
from the thrift store
forever in flight

Ellen Grace Olinger
January 2013

The images are courtesy of Reusable Art. There are many pictures of birds there. I like this Black Feather Drawing by Charles M. Relyea.

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Language Arts

Many of my poems are about the language arts.

pink clouds
span the horizon
seagulls take flight
stretching to read
new books

writing an essay
all I deleted
to say what I mean

turning the page
of an older book
the age in my hands

I discovered the new-for-me images at Reusable Art today.

The first is Peacock Feathers Heading.

The second is Peacock Feather Bouquet.

Ellen Grace Olinger
Poems are from January 2013.
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