Haiku for Holy Week by Carol Purington

In the pew
behind a wiggly boy
I praise the Son of Man

Cleaning my car…
the palm branch I folded
into a cross

Good Friday Service
a branch of pussywillows
throws spiky shadows

This dark Saturday –
those faithful women
who didn’t yet know

After sunrise
we notice field flowers
the way He did

Carol Purington
All Rights Reserved

Carol adds that the Good Friday haiku was published in these two places: The Haiku of North America 2001 Anthology, “Paperclips” and HAIKU: A Writer’s Guide to Haiku and Related Forms, Bruce Ross, 2002.

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Haiku Sequence from Family Farm, by Carol Purington

Holy Week
The white tulip opens
to a crimson heart


Shaping the dough
into a loaf of bread
Maundy Thursday


Good Friday
. . . moving into the chill
of the tree’s shadow


Early tulip –
in its scarlet cup
the surprise of black


At sunrise
the shine of the church steeple
Resurrection Day


Easter lily
The challenge of His risen life
overflows the sanctuary


By Carol Purington, from her classic book, Family Farm: Haiku for a Place of Moons (reprinted in 2015).

All Rights Reserved.


With permission from Carol, I first posted her beautiful Easter sequence on my first site, Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin, on March 27, 2010.  With permission, I also included the cover of Family Farm in the first Gallery of Cover Art at The Haiku Foundation.


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