late November

Dark and light: I love watching dawn arrive, as it always has no matter how long the night.  I watch the moon and the stars, the clouds, in silence and with music.  I write.  For years, I went to school and/or taught at night. So I could not write as much, had to save my strength.  Keep my priorities clear at different times in life so far.

In the afternoons then some extra rest is needed some days, especially as I grow older now. I sit quietly and track the light in the house through the year, or perhaps I should say years.

late November
sun fills a glass
for a time

Haiku – Three Questions, Edited By Curtis Dunlap


Blogging Along Tobacco Road, a website created and edited by Curtis Dunlap, includes the Haiku Three Questions Series; which in turn includes many poets.

I reread my Three Questions answers, which include three of my best haiku–for my father and grandmothers–this weekend.  I realized that I described my journey to haiku.  You’ll find the links to all the poets’ answers in the right sidebar of the Tobacco Road site.

Post updated June 17, 2015.
Photo of Lake Michigan
by Ellen Grace Olinger