Winter Azalea by Charles A. Waugaman


There is a potted azalea in the living room
That feeds my soul.
All summer it planned for bloom.
Month after month it gave itself to this.
I should like to think
It gave itself to me,
Planned to reward me
For the scorching days of neglect
And the numerous hours it lay
Tipped on its side by the exuberant wind,
And crushed against the flagging of the patio.
But the azalea is not concerned with rewards.
It is content to be.
It is in being that it blesses.
I would like to give myself as completely to being.
I would like to feed souls.

By Charles A. Waugaman (1932 – 2010)

WITHIN The Circle of Seasons
Poems by Charles A. Waugaman
All Rights Reserved.

2003, Elin Grace Publishing
Collection copyright, Author
This book is out of print.

a quiet day

A quiet day, in the middle of a busy time.  I often make arrangements with books, on a shelf or a table.

Recently I bought Embracing The Seasons: Memories of a Country Garden by Gunilla Norris (2015, BlueBridge).  I am just beginning to read.


A few of my favorite photos from our yard:



100_7189 (2)

Ellen Grace Olinger



stack of art books
not needing to read today
just need them there

treasures stored
here and there –
homemade chapbooks

books on the shelf
supported by each other
kindness of friends

Ellen Grace Olinger

The image is courtesy of wpclipart.