Two Haiku by Billie Wilson

winter wind —
a cradlesong sung
in an ancient tongue

campfire sparks —
someone outside the circle
starts another song

Billie Wilson is an Associate Editor at The Heron’s Nest.  Her haiku in this post are from the new book, NEST FEATHERS Selected Haiku from the First 15 Years of The Heron’s Nest.  Reprinted with permission from Billie Wilson.  All Rights Reserved.

a few notes

As Billie Wilson writes, Haiku Registry Now Has Over 500 Poets.  This is a wonderful Feature at The Haiku Foundation.

Carol Purington posted Summer Haiku at Woodslawn Farm.

Karl and I donated a copy of Quiet Christmas Poetry to the Decatur Haiku Collection at Millikin University, which is managed by Randy Brooks.  My first chapbook, And So My Soul (2001) is also there.  I enjoyed seeing the books listed, when I checked yesterday.

Poetry Notes

Billie Wilson is featured this month at the Haiku Society of America.  You can read her July 2015 profile by David G. Lanoue here.

The frogpond web sampler, edited by Randy Brooks, can be viewed here.

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I also received the new HUMMINGBIRD print journal, published by Hummingbird Press; Madison, Wisconsin.  Their About page provides information about their editors and history. CX Dillhunt is the current Editor.

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prayer plant

so quiet

I listen

Ellen Grace Olinger
Published in Hummingbird (2001).

The Haiku Registry At THF – edited by Billie Wilson

In 2012, when I began my volunteer work in education at The Haiku Foundation, I spent a lot of time reading haiku by many poets in their Haiku Registry.  Billie Wilson is the editor for the registry.  I am reading more again, a few poet pages a day.  This is a wonderful education.

Last year Billie was featured here on Haiku Prayers:

Guest Post With Billie Wilson.

There’s a nice selection of her poems, and several links related to haiku.

Guest Post With Billie Wilson

storm warnings —
the deep blue reach
of delphiniums

autumn chill
the spaniel shakes rain
back into the night

something with wings
over dark water
this moonless night

no wind tonight
across this reach of prairie
all those stars

sun tea darkens —
bees in the hollyhocks
all afternoon

* * *

Billie Wilson is the Secretary for The Haiku Foundation (THF), the Board of Directors; and the Editor for the Haiku Registry.

The Alaska Haiku Society was co-founded by Cindy Zackowitz and Billie Wilson. The Alaska Haiku Society represents the Alaska Region for the Haiku Society of America.

There is a page for the Alaska Region at the Haiku Society of America.

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Publication credits for poems by Billie Wilson in this post:

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Post updated on September 16, 2014.