trees and flowers

I look out the windows and see the light green growth at the ends of the evergreen branches. The purple and white lilacs are gorgeous, along with forget-me-nots, and yellow and purple violets.

flowers and leaves
in light wind
and sun . . .
new beginnings
at any age

Ellen Grace Olinger
June 2014
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to the store

to the store
on old roads
on a cold day
heron stands
in the river

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Ellen Grace Olinger
May 2014 and March 2019
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three poems

groceries for Mom
fresh flowers
always on the list

in loving memory

raindrops decorate
my study window
outside new leaves grow
on the tree I watched
turn gold

Spring in town
dandelions bloom
by the hardware store

“Dandelion bloom” is courtesy of wpclipart.

Ellen Grace Olinger
May 2014
1,000 Posts Review

all the decades

all the decades
it waited for her
and held a place
for her old age

This poem was inspired by the Tinywords Writing Prompt for Issue 14.1.

five roads
from this corner
now I know
my way home
on them all

home from mailing
poetry notes
monarch butterfly
greets me
at the back door

The prompt also recalled a few poems from my blogs.

Ellen Grace Olinger
March 2014
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February poems

February light
on the evergreens
easy to imagine
their new growth
in spring

roots in His Word
I will flower
again and again

Ellen Grace Olinger
February 2014
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Gift Poems

In my previous post, turning the vase, I mentioned that some poems are simply gifts. Perhaps practice helps us to be able to create art from these moments, as we pay attention, work, and rest. Reflect. Revise as needed. Honor the time the work needs.

These are a few more examples, from my blog archives in general.

leaves of bleeding hearts
now gold
so do broken hearts mend
so does grief heal
Autumn grace

Published in Bell’s Letters PoetWestWard Quarterly, and SMILE.

sometimes by sight
in my life of faith
apple trees in bloom

trusting God
a little more
with my questions
fog rests
on Spring fields

Time Of Singing, Spring 2014

Poems are by Ellen Grace Olinger.

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