still true

This poem is from my first site: Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin, August 28, 2010.   I work with others to achieve projects, and also write poems and take photos.   I cannot work the way I did when younger, but I like to think what I can achieve reflects many years in a good way.

on the horizon
all the goals
I can still
try to reach

Ellen Grace Olinger

This year my goal is to work more with our Quiet Christmas Poetry large print chapbook.  In 2018, I hope to return to some drafts I began to create a few small books.

Poems For Bulletin Boards

I am adding some new posts to my site, Poems For Bulletin Boards.  Teachers are welcome to use my photos and short poems, with proper credit.

And I also include art from Public Domain sites, that are well-managed and careful about copyright laws.  Of course, their policies apply in these cases.

The “flower buttons” in this post are courtesy of wpclipart – Clipart and photos.

Ellen Grace Olinger