Daylilies and Hosta 2017

I enjoy watching the perennial plants and flowers through our Wisconsin seasons.  These photos are from later this summer.

Daylilies – July 20, 2017
100_8874 (2)
Mostly daylilies – August 1, 2017
Hosta and Daylilies – August 4, 2017
August 4, 2017

Ellen Grace Olinger

a quiet day

A quiet day, in the middle of a busy time.  I often make arrangements with books, on a shelf or a table.

Recently I bought Embracing The Seasons: Memories of a Country Garden by Gunilla Norris (2015, BlueBridge).  I am just beginning to read.


A few of my favorite photos from our yard:



100_7189 (2)

Ellen Grace Olinger