July Flowers and Two Haiku


The daylilies and this iris are forming their flowers.


Two favorite haiku I wrote awhile ago:

each flower
a star for a time

where once
I mourned

Ellen Grace Olinger
garden journal
July 2015

Daily Prompt – “All About Me”


The All About Me prompt asks us to explain why we chose our blog’s title.

This is from my About page for Haiku Prayers – Poetry And Other Art.

“Haiku Prayers – Poetry And Other Art is a place to try some new ideas and learn more about haiku.  I began Haiku Prayers in April 2012.”

My thought was that this be a more quiet place, and a low-key way to write and perhaps grow.  A prayerful place, for contemplation and a few moments of rest.

I enjoy the different qualities of my blogs, and sometimes step back and try and re-focus on my goals for each one.  My career was in special education, and I helped with my mother’s care at home and in other care settings for many years.

A more recent goal is to begin to create large print chapbooks from my blogs, and then donate them to libraries, nursing homes etc.  Quiet Christmas Poetry is our first example, and this title says the purpose of this site (free version of the book): moments of peace during a season that can be so busy.  Our work is non-profit.

I also hope that a large print book from my blogs might be a bridge to blogging for an older person, who would enjoy a new hobby and conversations.  Good to dream!

QuietChristmasPoetryCoverBorderThe photo of the robin’s eggs is by Karl, and also of Lake Michigan in winter for the Christmas book.

Thank you to WordPress for this wonderful way to create.

Ellen Grace Olinger


These are some of my new photos, in one post, where I tried to capture the light at different times of the day, and in different kinds of weather.






Ellen Grace Olinger
garden journal

years go by


years go by and gift of a new Spring
Photo by Ellen Grace Olinger
April 20, 2015

* * *

I’ve been reading poems at tinywords.com for many years.

And I first read haiku by Bill Waters there, in the early years, and since then.  So I was happy to discover his blog with WordPress:  Bill Waters Haiku.