From Faces I Might Wear – Tanka By Carol Purington

Stilling my thoughts
as the clock chimes noon . . .
rests on my face
at the speed of light

with a cup of chamomile tea . . .
all the ways
of being afraid to live alone
go up in steam

The redwing clutches
a branch of leaf buds
how I found my way
back from frozen days

These poems are from:

Faces I Might Wear, Tanka by Carol Purington (2013)

Photographs by Elizabeth Purington

Colrain, MA

Please visit Carol’s poetry page at her family website for more information.  She selected her tanka for this post.  All Rights Reserved.

turning the page – some favorite haiku

I’m now beginning my fifth year of blogging, as yesterday was my fourth anniversary for my first blog, Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.

Today I thought I’d re-post some poems from Haiku Prayers. 

Thank you, Ellen

* * *

turning the page
of an older book
the age in my hands

how still
the winter landscape
I whisper the Psalms

birds in the painting
from the thrift store
forever in flight

writing an essay
all I deleted
to say what I mean

winter branch
that will bear leaves
extends to me

where once
I mourned

amidst the moss
shapes of cedar branches
on the garage

writing poetry
sun shines on unfinished wood
around the window

slow travel
a boat with one light
in the distance

* * *

Presents of Mind, Haiku by Jim Kacian

Jim Kacian begins Presents of Mind with Presence, a prose poem.

He develops the thought that
. . . haiku can be poised
between language and silence

With Jim’s kind permission, here is a selection of haiku from his book:

New Year’s Day

morning thaw
deer tracks
full of sun

sudden snow
narcissus blossoms
on the radiator


marking time
to the wind’s waltz

gentle rain
the new seedbed
smoothed over


shimmering heat
a willow dips its branches
into the stream

the lake laps
all night the same
quiet thoughts


falling leaves
the house comes
out of the woods

birds appear
and disappear
tilting axis


on the winter moor
by the wind

weed stalks
holding up
snow flowers

the poem at the book’s beginning,
ends with these lines:

Where silence is shared
we are all present.

* * *

Presents of Mind was published in 1996 and 2006 by Red Moon Press in Winchester VA, USA.  Jim Kacian is the owner and publisher of this distinguished press.  When I asked for permission to share some of his haiku with you, he mentioned that this book is now out of print.  Perhaps you would like to browse and learn of other books at Red Moon Press.  Many authors are represented, and there is a wide variety of books.

Post updated on November 24, 2015.