Sharing Haiku Lesson 2 – The Haiku Foundation Digital Library

Jim Kacian and I completed a new lesson plan:

Sharing Haiku Lesson 2 – The Haiku Foundation Digital Library.

I will keep this post short, and hope you can look at the plan if you are interested.  It lists the 7 collections in THF Digital Library, and the lesson features a book by Ion Codrescu.  Garry Eaton is the volunteer librarian.

The Haiku Foundation is non-profit.

Thank you

Ellen Grace Olinger

Grammatical Patterns And Composition by Enola M. Borgh

My mother was a professor in the English Department at The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.  A few years ago, one of her books was reprinted and I bought a copy from Amazon.  The book is on a shelf near my computer.

I began writing poetry in high school.  My mother wisely let me discover my own path.   One day she said, “If you’re a writer, you’ll write.”  When I was older, she encouraged me to learn a form.  Then I discovered haiku, and began subscribing to Modern Haiku in 1993.  I remember she sent me a postcard and said I seemed comfortable with the form.

Mom especially enjoyed novels.  For me, many more poetry books than novels.  We watched movies and went to bookstores.  We enjoyed Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.

During her last illness, I read aloud to her.  We shall meet again.

This is her book:

Grammatical Patterns And Composition
Enola M. Borgh
Copyright, Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English, 1963
First Printing, June, 1963


The Haiku Foundation Education Resources

In 2012 and 2013, I worked with Jim Kacian and THF Board and resources to begin their Education Page.  The work of several teachers, poets, and scholars is featured there.

Currently I am working on new lessons.

Here are two examples of lessons published in 2013, for Kindergarten and Grades 1 – 2:

Haiku Plan for Kindergarten Students

Haiku Writing Plan for Grades 1 – 2

I look forward to sharing more in future posts.   My teaching experience is from early childhood to higher education.  I also volunteered in a nursing home.  So rewarding to share my teaching gifts and experience as a volunteer at The Haiku Foundation.  And I learn from many others there, and here as well, with our blogs.

Hope to help teachers, with their busy schedules, which I remember well!

Ellen Grace Olinger