Garden Haiku

wind uplifting
the branches of trees

morning garden
shadows of lilacs
on the chair

reading memoirs
and then the view
outside today

reading poetry
in the garden
summer school

timeless seasons
I don’t know how old
these plants are

each flower
a star for a time

in golden light

Creative Notes and Vintage Art

Poets and artists create with haiku in so many ways. A few of many posts I looked at today:

city lights‘ by Stella Pierides, who creates “haikufeltings.”

Haiku Exhibit Coming Soon! by Charlotte Digregorio

And as you know I also enjoy the vintage images and education notes at Reusable Art. The images may inspire new work. There are many categories.

Garden Wall & Daisies by Ida Waugh

Copyright Free Rose Image

Thanks to all,
Ellen Grace Olinger

ancient lilacs

ancient lilacs
cover the graves
Memorial Day

of memories
lilacs in bloom

they cannot stay
but will return

“ancient lilacs” was published in SMILE (edited/published by Joyce M. Johnson); and Humoresque (for the United Amateur Press Association of America, edited/published by Jean Calkins).

Poems to share again – thank you.

Ellen Grace Olinger

two haiku

frost soon –
cutting flowers

The TOP The Tournament of Poetry

new garden
in October
Autumn light

Ellen Grace Olinger
September – October 2018
1,000 Posts Review

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