all the roads

I am grateful for all the roads I know in our area.  There are the roads people use to get to the freeways, and then there are the smaller roads.  I like the slower pace, and that I can take extra time to arrive home from errands, at this time in my life.

Sometimes I like to visit the roads that I reached after returning here from my mother’ s home in the Milwaukee area, years ago.  There was always a sense of being in a familiar place, of course; then as I reached the small country roads further north, I felt my soul-home and place.

These roads are always new, even as their presence in my life is a deep blessing.


country cemetery
trumpet vines
growing taller
than the gravestones

Ellen Grace Olinger

Time Of Singing
Summer 2012

after rain


When I look back on some difficult days and years, I remember how beauty sustained me.  I still have an image in my mind of autumn trees from my mother’s hospital window, and the quiet beautiful prayer room at the hospital – a world apart for a few minutes.

after rain
light shines
through tears
on windows

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The photo is from our yard this spring.

Ellen Grace Olinger