all these years

How I loved the challenge and beauty of learning the country roads when we moved to a small town years ago.   I didn’t think I had much of a sense of direction.  But with Lake Michigan to the east and a major freeway running north and south, plus my compass, I wasn’t going to get too far lost.  Now so many memories are wrapped up with travels on these roads.  My destinations were the library, grocery stores, and my mother’s home.

wind in fields
of corn and wildflowers
all these years
to find a few words
to tell this true

soon the light ~ decades of faith

The sky is night but soon the light will change and grow towards sunrise.  For years, I’ve been reading The Psalms and they now contain many layers of memories, while still new.  They go back to my earliest memories in church: Create in me a clean heart O God…

Songs in the night.  Losses and new life.  Letting go to be able to keep growing.

Keeping my loved ones who were called Home close to my heart.  Happy, because they would want no less.  Surely took time.  One day at a time.

decades of faith
renewed each day
lilacs in the night