Tanka by Carol Purington

Driving home
through a swirl of snowflakes
on the seat beside me
Easter lilies

and a hymn about the future –
to plant sweet peas and potatoes
for my hungry neighbor

Waiting for tulips
and the touch of your hand
in farewell
you promised a postcard glimpse
of spring in another Land


These tanka are by Carol Purington, and are reprinted with her permission.  All Rights Reserved.



Ribbons 11: #2; Spring/Summer 2015
Driving home

Ribbons 11: #3;  Autumn 2015

Gusts No. 7; Spring/Summer 2008
Waiting for tulips


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Ellen Grace Olinger - Haiku Art Site


A few petunias
snapdragons, gold and white mums
the robins are gone

Holding in my heart
as days become cold and dark
robins will return

These are two of my first haiku.  They were published by PEGASUS in 1994.

The images are courtesy of Reusable Art – Breathing New Life Into Old Art.


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