windblown snow


windblown snow

on windows

snow paintings

Poem by Ellen Grace Olinger

The “snowflake by Bentley 1890″ is courtesy of wpclipart.  This photograph of Bentley is also from wpclipart.


after a project


after a project
is complete
and has its own life
in this beautiful
and challenging
world of ours

there may be
feelings of loss

and then
perhaps after
some rest

and something
new begins
to  grow
in the smallest
of ways

some lovely new space

Ellen Grace Olinger
(January 2015)


Copies of Quiet Christmas Poetry, our 2014 large print chapbook, are still available from the books page at Time Of Singing.  Thank you to Lora Homan Zill, Editor, for her support.  All proceeds benefit TOS, where some of my haiku and tanka have also been published.  I continue to receive nice feedback about this chapbook.  Thank you, Ellen

close to the ground

I’ve had some large goals in my life, and now I see more of the beauty close to the ground.  This is a good place.  I still have dreams, and work with others to achieve; trust the process.


the yard yesterday



times of new growth and times of rest

Photos by Ellen Grace Olinger, 2015



stack of art books
not needing to read today
just need them there

treasures stored
here and there –
homemade chapbooks

books on the shelf
supported by each other
kindness of friends

Ellen Grace Olinger

The image is courtesy of wpclipart.