haiku notes

I am beginning to create my submission for the HSA Members’ Anthology 2016, edited by David Grayson, at the Haiku Society of America.  The official notice, with rules and the deadline, may be read HERE.

Aubrie Cox is the editor for their frogpond journal.


Haiku Society Of America Members’ Anthologies is a special page here on Haiku Prayers (a personal blog), where I reprinted my haiku selected by editors for the previous three anthologies.


Ellen Grace Olinger

The Haiga Galleries: Ion Codrescu

The Haiku Foundation published a post by Jim Kacian, which introduces The Haiga Galleries: Ion Codrescu.

Haiga of Ion Codrescu is a gallery which features haiga created for the book, Something out of Nothing, Original Haiku of North American Poets, Interpreted by Ion Codrescu (Red Moon Press, 2014, Winchester VA, USA).

I am grateful for the haiga by Ion Codrescu for this poem, which appears in the book and the gallery at The Haiku Foundation.

after the stores
ornamental grasses
in snow

Ellen Grace Olinger

flowers and wood

These are photos by Karl of an Easter lily and daffodils that also show the natural beauty of the pine walls.  Our home began as a cottage in the 1940s.  Because of water damage, we had to rebuild from the inside.  This is the original knotty pine wood.


sun reaches trees . . .
also old pine wood
in the house



strong winter winds
old wood in the house
ceilings, floors, walls
startling me in the early hours
speaking to me this day


the way
Hope holds