Creative Note: Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

Happy Summer, from the Midwest, USA.  I enjoy following the seasons around the world.

For new readers here, my primary blog is Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.

The garden is growing, and you are welcome to visit my Oostburg, Wisconsin site.  Yesterday, I saw rose petals on the ferns.

I’ll repost some of the photos I took yesterday – my haiku photos.




Ellen Grace Olinger

The Haiku Foundation Education Resources

In 2012 and 2013, I worked with Jim Kacian and THF Board and resources to begin their Education Page.  The work of several teachers, poets, and scholars is featured there.

Currently I am working on new lessons.

Here are two examples of lessons published in 2013, for Kindergarten and Grades 1 – 2:

Haiku Plan for Kindergarten Students

Haiku Writing Plan for Grades 1 – 2

I look forward to sharing more in future posts.   My teaching experience is from early childhood to higher education.  I also volunteered in a nursing home.  So rewarding to share my teaching gifts and experience as a volunteer at The Haiku Foundation.  And I learn from many others there, and here as well, with our blogs.

Hope to help teachers, with their busy schedules, which I remember well!

Ellen Grace Olinger

How to Haiku by Jim Kacian: New Lesson Plans

I read How to Haiku by Jim Kacian (Winchester VA: Red Moon Press, 2006), which is available in The Haiku Foundation Digital Library.  Then I wrote three lessons for the Higher Education category on the Education Resources page.

How to Haiku 1

How to Haiku 2

How to Haiku 3

Thank you to Jim Kacian for his work in publishing these lessons.

Ellen Grace Olinger


Haiku Registry at The Haiku Foundation

Ellen Grace Olinger – 2016

The Haiku Registry is edited and managed by Billie Wilson, at The Haiku Foundation.

When I began my volunteer work in education at THF (2012), the registry was part of my general background reading.  I learned so much, from reading the Poet Profiles.  And I continue to read there often.  For example, I may be interested in learning more about a poet, after reading a poem on a blog, or learning of a book by a poet.

You can read my Poet Profile page here.

I took the photos of the daylilies last summer.

Ellen Grace Olinger – 2016