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Tanka by Carol Purington

Carol and I created this post for April 6, 2017. Reprinted today as published then.

Driving home
through a swirl of snowflakes
on the seat beside me
Easter lilies

and a hymn about the future –
to plant sweet peas and potatoes
for my hungry neighbor

Waiting for tulips
and the touch of your hand
in farewell
you promised a postcard glimpse
of spring in another Land

These tanka are by Carol Purington, and are reprinted with her permission.  All Rights Reserved.


Ribbons 11: #2; Spring/Summer 2015
Driving home

Ribbons 11: #3;  Autumn 2015

Gusts No. 7; Spring/Summer 2008
Waiting for tulips

Please visit Woodslawn Farm for more poems by Carol Purington, and information about her books.

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Poems grow their own stories over time. Thank you.

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