Carol Purington – Farm Song

A post from March 28, 2021 at Woodslawn Farm:

Farm Song on the Touchstone Distinguished Book Awards Shortlist for 2020 (which links to The Haiku Foundation post).

Please see the Poetry page for Carol Purington (1949 – 2020) at Woodslawn Farm for more information. The page links to her obituary.

I am grateful for Carol’s friendship and support. Farm Song is a wonderful achievement.

The Heron’s Nest Volume 22

I am reading The Heron’s Nest, Volume 22, 2020, which is a print book that I bought from their site. John Stevenson is Managing Editor. The Cover Art and Illustrations are by Martin Taankink.

Please see The Heron’s Nest “where tradition and innovation meet” for more information about their online haiku journal and print Annual Editions.

Tanka by Carol Purington

Carol Purington (1949 – 2020) and I corresponded for years. Today I am reprinting a post by Carol from April 6, 2017.

Driving home
through a swirl of snowflakes
on the seat beside me
Easter lilies

and a hymn about the future –
to plant sweet peas and potatoes
for my hungry neighbor

Waiting for tulips
and the touch of your hand
in farewell
you promised a postcard glimpse
of spring in another Land

These tanka are by Carol Purington, and are reprinted with her permission.  All Rights Reserved.


Ribbons 11: #2; Spring/Summer 2015
Driving home

Ribbons 11: #3;  Autumn 2015

Gusts No. 7; Spring/Summer 2008
Waiting for tulips

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Two Haiku by Carol Purington

The remembrance
of sunbright fields . . .
this chilly haymow

Shades of apple jelly –
in each jar the unique savor
of an heirloom tree

Haiku by Carol Purington are from her classic book, Family Farm: Haiku for a Place of Moons (1999, Winfred Press; Colrain, MA). Second Printing 2015.

All Rights Reserved.

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Post is reprinted from February 5, 2018 – Haiku Art Site.