Grief And Acceptance


I have several sites and am taking some time to review and reflect.  I like how Haiku Prayers – Poetry And Other Art has grown – a place to share news about haiku, education, poetry and other art.

Grief And Acceptance is more personal.  You are welcome to visit.

All of my blogs have a lot in common.  For those who follow more than one of my blogs, all the content will not be new.  I’ve been online since December 2009.

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four generations
in the family now
Lord, may I live
this time with wisdom
and love


encouragement –
books and notes
and no competition
unexpected grace


Deep calleth unto deep *
filling my heart with hope
greater than my mind

The first line is from Psalm 42 (KJV).

Thank you and blessings,
Ellen Grace Olinger

September years


September years
the time of bright flowers
is gone for a time
how beautiful the daylily leaves
resting on the ground

I am so grateful for the years so far in my life.  I am in my 60s now and learning a new time.  Perhaps because I had a chronic illness when young, I may feel older than others I know my age.  That’s fine.  The gardens are wild and my life is quiet.  Happy to pass the torch. Grateful.  I took the photo yesterday.  Ellen

gardens overflow


early hours
of quiet and poetry
gardens overflow
and if some winter
my mind forgets
my heart will know

* * *

One of the first haiku I remember writing was from a long ago autumn, inspired by our perennial garden in Wisconsin.  The previous owners had planted flowers that return every year.  My heart is full of gratitude.  The Midwest, USA has always been my home.

frost soon —
cutting flowers

Published in The TOP, The Tournament of Poetry (1995).

Ellen Grace Olinger

storing up images again

Today was a day to return books to the library, have a fish sandwich at a local restaurant by myself, and then go to a grocery store.  I bought a bouquet of pink roses and daisies.  I was tired when I returned home and rested. Watched some news.  I wrote a great deal for about a year, and now am storing up images again.

my computer
I see the snow
melting on the
garage roof