Creative Note: Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

Happy Summer, from the Midwest, USA.  I enjoy following the seasons around the world.

For new readers here, my primary blog is Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.

The garden is growing, and you are welcome to visit my Oostburg, Wisconsin site.  Yesterday, I saw rose petals on the ferns.

I’ll repost some of the photos I took yesterday – my haiku photos.




Ellen Grace Olinger

Daily Prompt: Construct

Christmas Cactus – photo by Karl

Construct – This was the one-word prompt from December 2, 2016.


the Christmas story
sounds of carpenters
at work

This is a poem from 2014.  You can read the first version, written in 5 lines, here – on Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.

My poem reflects sounds in the neighborhood.  Our old home needed to be rebuilt from the inside, several years ago.  I was still grieving for my mother.  Practical work was a blessing.  I enjoyed the conversations and learned a lot about wood, building and rebuilding, and colors.  A new and different world.  When we first came here, it was interesting to be able to go to a lumber yard, with Karl, for example, during hours I used to be in class.  I love to learn and this was a new vocabulary.

So many ways to be creative, and build, and rebuild if necessary.  Write and rewrite.  Take many photos.  Cook a healthy meal.  Write a note of encouragement.

Ellen Grace Olinger