Daily Prompt: Recreate

Oostburg, Wisconsin – Ellen Grace Olinger

Recreate – Reading and rereading help me recreate and renew.  Rest is essential.  Sometimes I revise poems, and sometimes I leave them as I first wrote them.  Blogs can result in a lot of practice and our archives grow.  Then we have a lot of work to review, and decide if we want to reprint in some way.

These days I am not writing many new poems.  I found a journal at a thrift store and am recording some images.  And I am reading poetry and prose by a wide variety of authors.  I know there will be new poems.

There are many ways to create.  I think of the years I helped with my mother’s care, the garden, encouraging a friend, photography, so many ways.

And I am grateful.

Kohler-Andrae State Park, Sheboygan County – Ellen Grace Olinger