Folder of Letters by Carol Purington and Ellen Grace Olinger


A Rengay by Carol Purington and Ellen Grace Olinger

note of thanks
twenty-five years overdue –
sweet violets in bloom

~ Carol

treasure from Mom –
Dad’s Swedish family tree

~ Ellen

indelible ink
her small poem crosses
his palm

~ Carol

folder of letters
epistle written in
our hearts *

~ Ellen

an elegant monogram
on tag-sale napkins

~ Carol

colors of summer
a penpal’s painting
graces my life

~ Ellen

* Note: “epistle written in our hearts” is from 2 Corinthians 3: 2a (KJV).

Folder of Letters was published in THE NOR’EASTER (Haiku Northeast). The Haiku Society of America, Inc. 2012

Carol was our editor for this poem.

FOLDER Of LETTERS is from Guest Post With Carol Purington.  The post includes additional haiku by Carol, that she selected for the post.

Ellen Grace Olinger