Daily Prompt Scent

lily of the valley
fragrance of forgiveness
memories of love

from the yard
seem to end
still the fragrance
as I read

reading poetry
my coffee gets cold
guess I made it
for the fragrance

Poems are by Ellen Grace Olinger.

“reading poetry” was published in Time Of Singing (Fall 2016).

4 thoughts on “Scent

  1. All 3 of these remind me of my mother. We had a thick, almost invasive, patch of llly of the valley next to our back door. It was wonderful to sit on the back steps and take in the scent. As for the daffodils…her favorite poem was “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”…oh my…I can still recite the whole thing 45 years later! Anyway, your submission today made me smile.


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