Daily Prompt: Construct

Christmas Cactus – photo by Karl

Construct – This was the one-word prompt from December 2, 2016.


the Christmas story
sounds of carpenters
at work

This is a poem from 2014.  You can read the first version, written in 5 lines, here – on Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.

My poem reflects sounds in the neighborhood.  Our old home needed to be rebuilt from the inside, several years ago.  I was still grieving for my mother.  Practical work was a blessing.  I enjoyed the conversations and learned a lot about wood, building and rebuilding, and colors.  A new and different world.  When we first came here, it was interesting to be able to go to a lumber yard, with Karl, for example, during hours I used to be in class.  I love to learn and this was a new vocabulary.

So many ways to be creative, and build, and rebuild if necessary.  Write and rewrite.  Take many photos.  Cook a healthy meal.  Write a note of encouragement.

Ellen Grace Olinger