New Feature at The Haiku Foundation

Haiku in the Workplace: Introduction, by Jim Kacian, explains their new feature.  I used their Contact Form yesterday to offer a poem for the theme next week.

Over the years, I have worked, and continue to work, in many ways.  I have earned formal positions in education (teacher, researcher, professor), volunteered as a Sunday School teacher for 12 years, helped with my mother’s care at her home and shared much time with her at a nursing home, etc.  Karl and I helped with a church service in a nursing home for 3 years.

It is good to honor all the ways we work.  Creating our posts is good work.

Sometimes REST has been my necessary work, for health.

When she was very old, my mother blessed her caregivers simply by being who she was.  She taught me well, about service.  She was a distinguished professor and she also folded towels as a volunteer at a nursing home, after my father’s passing and she was retired.

Guidelines and deadlines can be read in Jim’s post at The Haiku Foundation.  I look forward to seeing how this grows and will learn more over time.

Ellen Grace Olinger