Discover Challenge: Song

Ellen Grace Olinger

Song – I grew up in a Lutheran church, and my memories of the liturgy, Psalms, and hymns are deep.

I wrote about this in my answers for the Haiku Three Questions series, edited by Curtis Dunlap at Blogging Along Tobacco Road.  My post there is from 2010, and I remember how easily I was able to write my answers and share a few poems.

The title is Ellen Olinger – Three Questions.

Here I was able to share some of the major changes in my life, from an academic career, to my experience with chronic illness, and many years of helping with my mother’s care.  I feel blessed and so grateful.  There is Mystery, as my best poems have grown from difficult times.  Now they grow from everyday life – the seasons in the yard, for example.


seasons repeat
we tell the stories
we are given

Published first in Mayfly, 58, 2015;
edited by Randy & Shirley Brooks.


This time of year, I begin to think of Christmas music.  Amy Grant’s albums are favorites, and I also enjoy her collections of hymns.

George Winston’s album of piano solos, December, has also been with me for a long time.


And I celebrate simple everyday life.


Ellen Grace Olinger

Ellen Grace Olinger

2 thoughts on “Discover Challenge: Song

  1. Lovely post. I’ve already played Christmas Music. My first choice this year was The Piano Guys…two songs on that CD are my favorites: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel and Carol of the Bells/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. In fact, as I wrote this, I took a detour and turned the CD on yet again. It’s so reverent and moving. I love it.


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