Photography is a major part of my creative and contemplative life now.  So many of my photos are gifts from the yard.  The yard is a form for me, as haiku and other forms of poetry are a structure – in a flexible way.  I don’t know in the morning what gifts may be given during the day.  I might be working in the kitchen, or look up from a page in a book or journal, and I see a poem or a photo.

I have to pace myself and rest along the way.

If I could live my life so far over, I would try and get more rest.  Everything goes better when I am well-rested.  I would tell my younger self to slow down.

The yard is a few steps away.

This is a favorite time of year.  I have lived here long enough that I can picture all the seasons from the windows.  There is beauty in watching the perennials begin to rest until next Spring.  The photos in this post are from my garden journal last Fall.

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin is my primary blog (since December 2009).  I tend to post photos often as I take them there, and then share again in other ways.  Blogs for me are informal and a nice way to share and learn.  Imperfect, a place to grow.  I reflect upon creativity a lot.  Some of my gifts grew at a fast pace when young; others take decades.  Grateful.

There are many ways to be an artist.  My academic career was in special education.  I like to approach things in a different way now.  This was a summer of many family needs, and two dear older relatives were called Home.  It’s going to take some time to feel rested again.

I am older too now – beginning again.  Thank you.

Renewal as Summer changes to Autumn . . .

Ellen Grace Olinger