Art is for everyone


The Discover Challenge this week is Raison D’etre – why do I create?

I create to feel more whole – through all the ways life changes and challenges.   Happy times, illness and grief, renewal.  I love to learn.  I look for the blessings and beauty, and having seen them from hospital rooms, for example, I am ever more aware of the beauty in the yard.  I love the simple perennials that grow close to the ground.

country graves
silk flowers bloom
by the stones

roots in His Word
I will flower
again and again


Photos and haiku are by Ellen Grace Olinger.

I have a broad definition of creativity.  I am grateful for poems, photos, flower bouquets, a bowl of vegetables (quiet work in the kitchen), help at the grocery store.

If I can’t be creative in one way, or if something needs to rest, what else can I do?   Perhaps I need to rest too.

Art is for everyone.


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