The Discover Challenge this week is Snapshots.


Snow melting
in March . . .
my mother’s new smile


Gentle spring winds
in evergreen trees
the friendship we grew


taking turns
letting each other go
only to learn again
how love grows


Mother’s Day 2004
in loving memory of Enola M. Borgh

You gave your life
to Language and us
reading your work
fills the long hours
I freely gave to your care

How you worked to live
and were unafraid to die
remembering how
you basked in the books
I read aloud

the photo of us by
the graves at the
family reunion
“Woman, why
eepest thou?” *

* From John 20: 15 (KJV)



Publication credits:

“Snow melting” Time Of Singing (Spring 2003)

“Gentle spring winds” Time Of Singing (Spring 2012)

“taking turns” Bell’s Letters Poet 2006

“Mother’s Day 2004” LYNX 2004

The Delicate Border Image is courtesy of Reusable Art – Breathing New Life Into Old Art.

Ellen Grace Olinger

bloom everywhere
love endures


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