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For WITNESS – When I sit here and write, I am comfortable and I write from my heart.  I am aware of the many who read and may read in the future.  The readers of my blogs span several decades, in terms of their ages.  I am grateful.  There are so many ways to grow here.

When I am writing, I am usually in a small room by myself.  Often as I pray the Psalms, and look at the nature outside the window, I am inspired.  I read many books and journals.  It is also true that when I rest when tired, that inspiration renews.  I am encouraged by many people and so grateful.

I am older now and feel my professional goals are complete.  We hope to create a few large print books with my poems and our photos.  Quiet Christmas Poetry is an example – my WordPress site has the content for free, and a large print chapbook benefits a poetry journal, Time Of Singing.  My career was in special education and I helped with my mother’s care.  I have spent a lot of time in nursing homes as a daughter and volunteer.  When I was younger, I had a chronic illness; so have some sense of the content that may work in different situations.  Blogging helped to renew my creativity.

The Discover Challenges are a new weekly event at The Daily Post on WordPress.  I am also enjoying their other challenges.

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