Creative Notes, continued

I’m rereading the posts I wrote for Soundings, moderated by Peter Yovu, at The Haiku Foundation Forums.  These are posts of my appreciation for poems by many poets.  The posts of mine there now were written from June 2014 – September 2014.  The focus is on my life in the Midwest, and from my early years with English Language Haiku, in the 1990s, to the present.

So far I’ve written posts about haiku by Aubrie Cox, Lee Gurga, Randy Brooks, Sandra Simpson, Evelyn Lang, Charles B. Dickson, Jim Kacian, Tom Clausen, Mark Harris, Gary Hotham, and Elizabeth St. Jacques.  The posts include the poems, references, and my personal thoughts.  I am not an editor.

So I thought I’d highlight Soundings in more detail today.  Perhaps others may wish to participate too.

My posts so far at The Haiku Foundation Forums may be found here.

Ellen Grace Olinger