Guest Post with Jim Kacian


“The best poets working in haiku are responsive to the conditional aspects of reality, and their work is reflective of this awareness, in terms of form as well as content.  The challenge, as always, is neither to innovate for innovation’s sake, nor to constrain for tradition’s sake, but to find exactly the right form, the right phrase, the right context, to express contemporary reality.  So long as haiku remains responsive to these changing conditions, it will change and, in doing so, remain vital.”

The quote is from “An Overview of Haiku in English,” by Jim Kacian, an essay from Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years (2013, Page 374).  Edited by Jim Kacian, Philip Rowland, Alan Burns. Introduction by Billy Collins.  W.W. Norton & Company.  All Rights Reserved.

* * *

The following two poems by Jim are also from the Norton anthology.

my fingerprints
on the dragonfly
in amber

pain fading the days back to wilderness

* * *

The poems in this post are all by Jim Kacian. They are reprinted with his kind permission.  All Rights Reserved.

Jim Kacian is the founder and Chairperson of The Haiku Foundation (THF); and the owner and publisher of Red Moon Press.

Post updated on September 16, 2014.