Guest Post With Dave Russo



Dave Russo took this photo of a North Carolina Haiku Society anthology that he co-edited with Lenard D. Moore.  He is the web administrator for this organization.

Learning To See The Truth was published by Rosenberry Books.

Dave also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for The Haiku Foundation; and is also the web administrator for THF.

He has a page on THF Haiku Registry, which is edited by Billie Wilson (who also serves as a board member).

Here are a few of Dave’s haiku from the registry, books, and journals.

olive blossoms . . .
the sound of a hive
in the abbey wall

sun in the bones
of a darting minnow
my cell phone rings

wind shift
a clanking bulldozer
and one spring peeper

watching the flowers
come and go
headstone angels

Publication credits:

“olive blossoms” – fear of dancing, The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2013.  Edited by Jim Kacian & the Red Moon Editorial Staff.  All Rights Reserved.  Red Moon Press website design by Dave Russo.

“sun in the bones” – Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years.  Edited by Jim Kacian, Philip Rowland, Allan Burns.  2013.  W.W. Norton & Company.  All Rights Reserved.

“wind shift” – Editor’s Choice, The Heron’s Nest 4: 6 (2002).  Included in Dave’s Haiku Registry Page at The Haiku Foundation.  All Rights Reserved.

“watching the flowers” – Gallery FortySeven: THF.  From Montage: The Book.  Created and Edited by Allan Burns.  2010, 2012.  Winchester, VA: The Haiku Foundation.  All Rights Reserved.

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Post updated on September 16, 2014.