Selections from one thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp


Christmas morning, very early.  The house is quiet.  I was silent for a time and now quiet music is playing.  I’m rereading Selections from one thousand gifts, Finding JOY In What Really Matters, by Ann Voskamp (2012, Zondervan).

This beautiful small gift book includes her photography, which is exceptional.  She writes prose like a poet, and her sayings on her photos often read like haiku to me.

Her spiritual practice is to count and write down the many moments of gifts from God every day.  I began a gratitude journal this month.  It’s about finding beauty right where we are in the midst of life, in all its glory and pain sometimes as well.

I’m listing my blessings on one side of the pages in my journal, as I know poems will grow and be written on the other side of the pages in due time.  No hurry.

Examples in my journal so far include:  oatmeal with low-fat eggnog and fragrance of evergreens.

On a photo of a bouquet of flowers in a glass jar, Ann writes simply: “sunlight casting/heaven’s warmth.”

Ann Voskamp’s site is: She’s been blogging for years.

Blessings on Christmas Day,
and always,