Haiku and Tanka by Margarita Engle


sun after fog
the lost art
of strolling

the comfort of rays
touching earth

serenity garden
the stone angel’s
real roses

a string of tanka

and sticks
in the robin’s
rough treasury of chipped
sky-blue eggs

no wings
to carry me
far away
from these long
winter blues

but time
for poems
and prayers, the feathery
wonder of words

by Margarita Engle

Printed here with her kind permission.
All Rights Reserved.

Margarita is the author of several young adult novels in verse, which have won many awards.  She received a Newbery Honor.  In my view, her work is for all ages.  Her newest book is The Wild Book.

Margarita’s website is a wonderful place to visit:  http://www.margaritaengle.com.

Image: wpclipart.com.