Discover Challenge: Mixing Media


Shadows of forsythia on the garage wall

I often see photos in the yard, through the seasons, with layers and textures.  My memories over many years add more layers of meaning.


Wood, plants, wildflower


Lichen on the birch tree


Brick path


Cover Art by Charles A. Waugaman, for a poetry anthology we published with a print journal, Time Of Singing


Christmas card art by Charles A. Waugaman


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Mixing Media

For more information about Welcoming Hope: Poems for those in need, please visit the books page at Time Of Singing.  The book, illustrated by Charles A. Waugaman, is non-profit.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Creative Note


Festival of Leaves 2016: Week 7 is a new post on my primary blog, Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.


I wrote a haiku for my first photo for this challenge.  I began with Week 5.

all the seasons
I have lived and hope to live
old brick path

Ellen Grace Olinger


Festival of Leaves is by Verena Cave.  The photos by all are beautiful.

Daily Prompt: Subdued

Subdued – Now the leaves are becoming their fall colors.  Then in November the scene will be more subdued, and lovely in another way.  I look forward to quiet hours and the kind of time that grows new work, in ways we cannot always know at the time.

Rose leaves - November 2015

Rose leaves near the cedar fence – November 2015

The yard begins to rest, and there is less work outside.

Last year

Last year

Edited photo - Ellen Grace Olinger

Edited photo – Ellen Grace Olinger

Winter garden - I watch the light through the year.

Winter garden – I watch the light through the year.

Lake Michigan this week

Lake Michigan this week