The Haiku Foundation 2015 Fundraiser

This morning I read Jim Kacian’s post: The Haiku Foundation 2015 Fundraiser. There is a lot of interesting content planned, over the next several days, so best for me to simply share the post.  I look forward to learning more.

I began reading at THF daily in early 2012, and always learn something new.  With Jim Kacian as editor, I helped begin their Education Resources Feature as a volunteer.  We published in 2013, and this work has surely grown.  The haiku lessons are free.

The Haiku Foundation is non-profit.

Blessings, Ellen

Haiku from Quiet Christmas Poetry


tree branches
and winter white sky
poem on the page

almost Christmas
through the evergreens
clear blue sky

looking at trees
I remember prayers
of friends

The book includes Bible verses, acrostics, haiku, and tanka.

“In the beginning was the Word . . .”  John 1: 1

Under “Book Offers” in the Fall 2015 issue of Time Of Singing, Lora Homan Zill, Editor, included a picture of the Christmas book and wrote: “Light and easy to hold, with large print, it is ideal for anyone battling or recovering from serious illness, or who needs a special word of encouragement over the holiday season.”  This was the goal, and we are grateful.

If you wish to order a copy of Quiet Christmas Poetry, please visit the books page at Time Of Singing.  There is an ordering form that may be printed.  The price is $5.00 per copy, or 3 copies for $12.00.  All proceeds benefit TOS.

The cover photo is by Karl.  Here is the original photo of the Lake Michigan beach in Wisconsin, during a past winter.



close to the ground

I’ve had some large goals in my life, and now I see more of the beauty close to the ground.  This is a good place.  I still have dreams, and work with others to achieve; trust the process.


the yard yesterday



times of new growth and times of rest

Photos by Ellen Grace Olinger, 2015