The Haiku Registry At THF – edited by Billie Wilson

In 2012, when I began my volunteer work in education at The Haiku Foundation, I spent a lot of time reading haiku by many poets in their Haiku Registry.  Billie Wilson is the editor for the registry.  I am reading more again, a few poet pages a day.  This is a wonderful education.

Last year Billie was featured here on Haiku Prayers:

Guest Post With Billie Wilson.

There’s a nice selection of her poems, and several links related to haiku.

THF Survey Questions

The Haiku Foundation has a question this week, in a post by Jim Kacian,  about THF Bibliography, which Charles Trumbull began.

I was grateful to see my first chapbook, And So My Soul, in the list; illustrated by Charles A. Waugaman (1932 – 2010).  I published this book in 2001, and it would be 2014 before my second chapbook, Quiet Christmas Poetry.

Lake Michigan
thawing . . .
I pick up a pen again

(from And So My Soul)

Charles A. Waugaman was the editor of Time Of Singing for many years.