The Haiku Foundation Education Resources

Survey 2017 — Education Resources, by Jim Kacian, summarizes the Education Resources at The Haiku Foundation.

With Jim Kacian as Editor, and the excellent resources at The Haiku Foundation, I helped begin the Education Resources.  Many people continue to contribute to this work.

Thank you

so grateful

Ellen Grace Olinger - Haiku Art Site

I sit and read the Psalms, sometimes many in the mornings, and sometimes one or two.  This fills my soul and I can approach other tasks with a new heart.  I was brought up to achieve a lot, as the world defines achievement.  Lately I am feeling more than content.

older now
as I pray the Psalms
how peaceful the trees

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Three Haiku by Carol Purington

Sap drip-drips
onto bare rock – the falling notes
of a song sparrow

Snowmelt . . .
the shadow of the tree
touches earth

across the brown garden
the first robin

by Carol Purington

Family Farm: Haiku for a Place of Moons
Winfred Press, 1999
Second printing, 2015
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