Spring prayers

Sometimes answers to our prayers arrive in the same way as Spring.  One day we hear a new bird song, another day we see an eagle soaring, snow melts, and we look forward to some work in the yard, in the sunshine.   Seemingly small things add up to transformation and a new season.  God is with us always and He loves us.

reading the Psalms
tiny new leaves
on the ivy houseplant

March 15, 2011Poems From Psalms And Nature

Photo by Jan van der Wolf on Pexels.com

Two Haiku by Carol Purington

The remembrance
of sunbright fields . . .
this chilly haymow

Shades of apple jelly –
in each jar the unique savor
of an heirloom tree

Haiku by Carol Purington are from her classic book, Family Farm: Haiku for a Place of Moons (1999, Winfred Press; Colrain, MA). Second Printing 2015.

All Rights Reserved.

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