Discover Challenge – Adventure

Last year I learned how to post photos to my blogs.  This is a wonderful adventure.  These photos of fallen forsythia petals are two of my favorites.  I take the same approach with photography as with poetry.  I try to live in a way that allows me to see the poems and photos in our yard.


I also read a lot, and I love to learn.  I hope to reread Adventure of Ascent, Field Notes from a Lifelong Journey by Luci Shaw (2014, IVP Books; Downers Grove, Illinois).  She is a generous writer.


Another adventure was creating a large print chapbook version of my site, Quiet Christmas Poetry, with Karl’s help.  We donated the profits to Time Of Singing – this journal, founded in 1958 by Dr. Benjamin P. Browne, has published my haiku and other forms of poetry for years.  Perhaps the book will also serve as a way for some new people to learn about blogs.  Karl and I have spent a lot of time in nursing homes.  His photo of the winter Lake Michigan beach, another favorite, became the cover.

Within the quiet life that keeps me well, I have many adventures!  I am grateful to be growing older.


Ellen Grace Olinger

Daily Prompt SKY


For SKY – I’ve always enjoyed the early mornings and watching the light change through the seasons.

heart peace
and mind at rest
clear night sky

My little study has a window where I see the sky and treetops.  I’ve been watching the same birch tree for over 20 years.

leaf buds
and raindrops
on the birch tree
new dreams
from tears

The vintage picture, Robin at Night, is courtesy of Reusable Art.