time to slow down


It’s time for me to slow down and review my work from the last few years.  I began this site, Haiku Prayers – Poetry And Other Art, as a place to practice and try some new ideas.  It has grown more than I thought possible.  Thank you.

My plan is to keep my main site, Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin, current.  Yesterday I posted a new haiku, that was given to me as I was reading some favorite verses from Isaiah.  I think back to how I have prayed for strength in various situations.  Now I am older and rereading strengthens my faith.  I’ve been praying the Psalms for a long time.

highway sounds
in the distance
years gone by

Many blessings,

Ellen Grace Olinger

Photo by Karl


weathered – continued

PoppiesPeonies 010

The effects of the polar vortex continue here in Wisconsin USA.  The perennials are hardy.

Yesterday afternoon I wrote a poem for My Best Short Nature Poems.

they waited
so long to bloom
and now they
bow to rain
beautiful peonies

From this blog awhile ago:

weathered fir trees
strong and beautiful
my time of healing

I am grateful to be growing older, and to have weathered some challenges.   On Friday I went to the grocery store, and was simply grateful to be well and enjoying simple work.

The new issue of frogpond arrived yesterday, and I read several poems and listened to quiet music.  I’ve mentioned this print journal before, so today will add that the “Frogpond Web Sampler” is edited by Randy Brooks.  For more information, please visit The Haiku Society of America.

The photo of our peonies is by Karl (2011).

now it all begins


my old sweater
worn thin
Queen Anne’s Lace
along country roads

Now it all begins – the Queen Anne’s Lace, the blue chicory, day lilies in gardens and by mailboxes.  I also saw day lilies in a country cemetery.

Summer is really here.

how does it stay
so regal on this day?
Queen Anne’s Lace

I wrote the poems other summers.  They are favorites.

Photo credit for the Queen Anne’s Lace: wpclipart.

These lily flowers are courtesy of Reusable Art – Breathing New Life Into Old Art.


Saturday haiku notes


I’ve written seven posts now for Soundings in The Haiku Foundation ForumsPeter Yovu is the moderator for Soundings.  The purpose is to write commentaries for poems by others.

My posts for Soundings also all connect with my life in the Midwest, USA, in some way.  My beginnings with haiku go back many years, and are rooted in recovery from illness and grief; and my love of ponds, rivers and lakes; country roads and corn growing and wildflowers.

There is also a lot of literary discussion in the Forum.  I’m just beginning to read and learn.

Always just beginning . . .

I’m also reading the current issue of Frogpond, the journal for The Haiku Society of America.  Francine Banwarth is Editor.  Michele Root-Bernstein is Associate Editor.  Lots to learn there too.

Nodding_Thistle_visited_by_butterfly_and_othersPhoto credits: wpclipart.

patterns on my floor

patterns on my floor
moving with the breeze
sun from the West
branches of leaves

Time Of Singing
Volume 38, Number 1
Spring 2011

* * *

I enjoy watching the light change in the house through the day and year.   This weekend, I thought, “Sometimes the light is on the floor.”  I reflected upon the ways service has blessed me, and the ways light has fallen into my life – from the more visible roles to the years of caregiving and good work at my mother’s home.  All work, all blessed, and all poetry.  My definition of art is broad and I hope growing deeper.