Guest Post With Carol Purington


A Rengay by Carol Purington and Ellen Grace Olinger

note of thanks
twenty-five years overdue -
sweet violets in bloom

~ Carol

treasure from Mom -
Dad’s Swedish family tree

~ Ellen

indelible ink
her small poem crosses
his palm

~ Carol

folder of letters
epistle written in
our hearts *

~ Ellen

an elegant monogram
on tag-sale napkins

~ Carol

colors of summer
a penpals’s painting
graces my life

~ Ellen

* Note: “epistle written in our hearts” is from 2 Corinthians 3: 2a (KJV).

Folder of Letters was published in THE NOR’EASTER (Haiku Northeast). The Haiku Society of America, Inc. 2012

Carol was our editor for this poem.

* * *

Here are some additional haiku by Carol Purington.  She selected them especially for this post.  All Rights Reserved.

Rearranged furniture -
in the antique mirror
a new moon

Around the bend -
familiar quilt patterns
on a stranger’s clothesline

Drawn in black-and-white
but I know the tractor was red -
someone else’s tag sale

Applewood bowl -
in its curves the flavor
of a hundred years

Publication credits:
“Rearranged furniture” – bottle rockets 2004
“Around the bend” -  The Nor’Easter 2005
“Applewood bowl” – World Haiku Association Website 2001

* * *

Susan Todd and Carol Purington co-edited Morning Song: Poetry for New Parents (2011, St. Martin’s Press).

Please visit Carol’s poetry page at her family website for more information about Carol’s work.

* * *

Thoughts Of A Friend

Ellen Grace Olinger:

Charles Waugaman was one of the first poetry editors to publish my work; in Time Of Singing over 20 years ago. We became friends after he retired, and then I published some of his work, under the name Elin Grace Publishing. His art is a part of my daily life. Charles lived in Vermont, USA. Blessings, Ellen

Originally posted on Easter Poetry:

Thoughts of a friend
Who always loved and grew
I wonder . . . Has the sky
ever been this beautiful a blue?

For Charles A. Waugaman

Published in Time Of Singing (2011).

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Garden Tea Party by Charles A. Waugaman

Listen to the leaves
of robin song
spill into the rain:

parched dreams expanding
and staining the
long afternoon with

poignant fragrances:
blending past and
hope with vibrant joy.

* * *

WITHIN The Circle of Seasons
Poems by Charles A. Waugaman
2003, Elin Grace Publishing
Oostburg, Wisconsin
Collection copyright, Author
All Rights Reserved

* * *

This link goes to an Easter card Charles made and sent me years ago.  I posted it in the Pages of my first blog.  The post includes one of his paintings and poems: Hope Will Not Cease.